Spli Green Gram/Moong Split Husked/Split Mung Beans/moong Dal

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The mung bean, alternatively known as the green gram, maash, or moong, is a plant species in the legume family. Packed with protein and low on carbs, moong dal is one of the most recommended vegetarian superfoods. An integral part of the Indian diet, it is extremely light and easy to digest. Compared to other dals, moong dal is low on carbs, making it a healthier option. One of the more important benefits of moong dal is its protein content. A 100 g serving of the dal can provide you with about 3 g protein. Moong Dal Benefits:- 1. Aids Weight Loss 2. Improves Heart Health 3. Rich in Nutrients 4. Helps Prevent Diabetes 5. Improves Digestive Health 6. Boosts Blood Circulation

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