Community Guidelines - Ishto

The Short

Ishto is created with a purpose of serving people and helping them find business opportunities and grow. Users of Ishto are from various categories – SMEs, Importers/Exporters, Distributors and Individuals. Help us serve this purpose better by following the law and respecting other human beings on Ishto. Don't spam on Ishto and post content that is suitable for and not offensive to the users on Ishto.

The Long


  • Do be kind and respectful to your business partners
  • Do utilize the space for its purpose
  • Do post your products lawfully
  • Do Participate in Exhibitions and get business leads
  • Do start convo with other users to understand their offers and products
  • Do follow other people to stay connected
  • Do understand how Ishto works
  • Do behave casually but make others feel welcome
  • Do be transparent
  • Do Hustle
  • Do help us keep Ishto a better place for everyone
  • Do grow by using Ishto


  • Don't be a person people report
  • Don't use random hashtags
  • Don't just post anything anywhere
  • Don't be a jerk
  • Don't share content that is unlawful, spam, gross or otherwise unacceptable
  • Don't break any laws
  • Don't violate privacy and copyrights
  • Don't steal identity

Ishto community believes everyone is an essential part of the community. If you see something that should not be on Ishto - be sure to report it.
Thank you for helping us create a platform that helps everyone grow together and making the world a better place to do business.
Team Ishto!

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